I have just had a very stressful experience and it has changed me. I used to be negative, a bit OCD , mood swings and personal problems.Now I realise one thing – time is precious. It must not be wasted . As a human , it’s your only real expiring asset.

OK, when you’re young there’s always more time to do something or have another go when make a mistake. At my age your focus gets sharper and you slowly realise that time is inexorably running out. One day , hopefully a long time in the future, your time will run out. So you must value the time you have. Use it or lose it. Once you’ve wasted it , there’s no going back and having another go.

Last week I had an operation to remove my gallbladder . When I was in hospital I noticed my pulse was 80 a minite. Normally it’s 60. I asked a nurse and she said hospital is a stressful place to be .